35 All-Star Sandwich Solutions

35 All-Star Sandwich Solutions

Is your restaurant looking to revamp its current sandwich offerings? Let this blog post be your ultimate inspiration guide! Below we share 35 all-star sandwich solutions featuring on-trend flavour profiles and ingredients that are currently soaring in popularity.



  • Sliced turkey with brie, thinly sliced apple, and cranberry-studded aioli infused with thyme
  • Fried egg with crisp bacon, tomato jam, spicy chili oil and fresh arugula
  • Sausage patty with sharp cheddar and a drizzle of maple syrup
  • Crisp prosciutto and thinly sliced cantaloupe with rosemary-infused whipped ricotta and a drizzle of honey
  • Mashed avocado with sliced hardboiled egg, smoked salmon and spicy sprouts



  • Indian-inspired: butter chicken curry topped with shaved red onion, red peppers and thinly sliced mango and fresh cilantro
  • Korean-inspired: Beef bulgogi with fried egg, carrot ribbons, kimchi, fresh cilantro and a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds
  • Thai-inspired: garlic-sautéed shrimp with spicy peanut sauce, green onion, shredded cabbage and toasted peanuts
  • German-inspired: chicken schnitzel with Munster cheese, lemon aioli and sauerkraut
  • Italian-inspired: prosciutto cotto, with fresh basil, sundried tomato chutney, parmesan curls



  • Thinly sliced prosciutto, mortadella, ham and spicy salami with provolone, green olive tapenade, fresh sliced tomatoes and romaine lettuce leaves
  • Grilled chicken breast with bacon marmalade, shredded iceberg lettuce, shaved red onion and fresh tomato slices
  • Pulled pork with crumbled bacon, grilled pineapple and cilantro-jalapeno pesto
  • Veal and pork meatballs in a house-made marinara sauce with mozzarella slices, sautéed onions, peppers and mushrooms
  • Shrimp sautéed in butter and garlic with thinly sliced steak, romaine lettuce and aioli



  • Between two grilled cheese sandwiches, place a juicy burger patty topped with American cheese, crisp bacon strips, fresh sliced tomato and red onion, and romaine lettuce leaves
  • Shaved roast beef piled high with caramelized onions, shredded provolone and roasted green peppers
  • Shredded chicken with tomatillo sauce, roasted poblanos, avocado slices and red onion
  • Baked and flaked salmon with roasted bok choy, soy and maple glaze drizzle, toasted sesame seeds, avocado slices and butter lettuce leaves
  • Sliced turkey breast with goat cheese spread, Christmas-style sausage stuffing, and pickled carrot and celery slaw



  • Melted cheddar and pepper jack with black beans, pickled jalapenos, sliced scallions, black olives and warm pico di gallo
  • Grilled zucchini, peppers and mushrooms with mozzarella slices, a drizzle of garlic-infused olive oil and balsamic, and sprinkling of fresh oregano
  • Grilled cheddar cheese with pickles, crushed barbeque potato chips and fresh sliced tomatoes
  • Chickpea and quinoa patty topped grainy mustard, fresh parsley, thinly sliced cucumbers and beets, and spinach
  • Mashed avocado, sprouts, sliced cucumber, shredded carrot, fresh sliced tomatoes and red onion with balsamic drizzle

Introduce your patrons to an entirely novel and beyond satisfying sandwich experience by adding one of these 35 all-star sandwich solutions to your menu today! Find the perfect vehicle to deliver these bold creations by exploring our portfolio of artisan and crusty breads and rolls, sandwich breads and bagels by clicking here.