25 Menu Ideas for Cheese Lovers

25 Menu Ideas for Cheese Lovers



  • Resurrect classic fondue but give it a 2017 spin! Get on the craft brew bandwagon by infusing cheddar fondue sauce with local or specialty beer and serving it fresh cubed bread, apple slices and sliced grilled steak. For a sweet take, try a cheesecake fondue dip served with marshmallows, fresh fruit and cubed angel food cake.
  • Infuse whipped goat cheese with black pepper and honey; brûlée the top before serving for a texturally interesting and sophisticated cheese dip
  • Take salsa to the next level by adding cotija cheese
  • Elevate guacamole by adding pickled jalapeno, crisp bacon bits and crumbled goat cheese
  • Translate game day favourites like chicken wings into an exciting buffalo blue cheese chicken dip to help entice football lovers



  • Give guests the option to add fresh queso dip to their burger rather than cheese slices
  • Reimagine your flatbread by skipping a pesto or tomato sauce base in favour of infused ricotta
  • Serve a house made terrine of Roquefort cheese, toasted nuts and dried fruit along side assorted toasted breads
  • Elevate French toast by spreading it with blueberry and maple syrup infused ricotta
  • Upgrade classic Caprese salad by smearing mozzarella mousse on tomato slices and drizzling with basil oil



  • Try house made cheddar crackers or blue cheese and black pepper shortbreads as a bar snack offering
  • Turn parmesan into a crisp accompaniment to charcuterie boards by baking small mounts until they form crispy disks
  • Marinate goat feta cheese cubes in lemon juice, zest and fresh thyme
  • Offer a build your own cheese toasts platter featuring crostini, a variety of cheeses, and accouterments like savoury jams, toasted nuts, caramelized onions and grilled fruit
  • Fried halloumi tacos are unique, vegetarian-friendly alternative to traditionally used proteins



  • Deeply score a baguette or large loaf and fill the openings with brie slices and garlic parsley infused butter before baking and sending to the table as a show stopping sharable starter
  • Wrap cream cheese, smoked salmon and fresh dill in wonton wrappers to deliver a highly shareable way for guests to kick off brunch
  • Spice up your dessert offerings with a jumbo, goat cheese streaked dark chocolate brownie
  • Roast beets sliced thin, topped with toasted hazelnuts, micro greens, mascarpone and tangerine balsamic vinaigrette
  • Sprinkle fresh honeycomb with Stilton for an elegant yet simple starter; serve with assorted crostini and breads



  • Layer provolone and prosciutto slices and add fresh basil leaves in the centre; roll, cut into pin wheels and serve atop lightly dressed greens
  • Encase grapes in goat cheese and roll in crushed, lightly toasted walnuts
  • Add a small piece of goat milk feta to a grilled peach and wrap with prosciutto
  • Enclose garlic and onion infused ricotta with thinly sliced zucchini; simmer in tomato sauce and serve with toasted baguette
  • Wrap tart apple slices and sharp cheddar in phyllo pastry and bake for a sophisticated dessert offering