The Knead for Truth

The Knead for Truth

Informed, concerned and armed with more options than ever before: these are the three defining characteristics of today’s consumers. The modern foodservice landscape must continue to adapt to meet consumers’ increasing demands for transparency. Restaurant owners and operators should be aware that 86% of consumers would like restaurants to be more transparent about what’s in their food, and 72% are more concerned about additives in food than they were two years ago (Technomic Inc., Clean Labeling & Sustainability Report, January 2016). Our Foodservice Team has carefully monitored the evolving needs and desires of North American diners, and is proud to introduce a new suite of premium non-GMO baked goods that simplify your efforts to deliver consumers the delicious, unadulterated foods they crave.

Our new portfolio of verified non-GMO breads and rolls is comprised of five products. These baked goods are authentic and made without artificial flavourings and colours. A traditional long fermentation technique is used to develop the natural flavour of the wheat, ensuring great taste and the highest standard of non-GMO verified bread. Products in the line include:

As your partner in foodservice excellence, these delicious baked goods have been created with your visitors in mind. We want to help you adapt your offerings to include the health claims that have become important to sophisticated diners, without sacrificing flavour or quality. As your restaurant evolves, transitioning to meet new consumer demands for minimally processed foods need not be inconvenient or costly. Still not convinced making the switch to non-GMO foods and ingredients will positively impact your business? Review these stats and you will likely reconsider:

  • 54% of Generation Z-ers and 50% of all other generations say a restaurant that serves “natural/organic items” is an important factor when deciding which restaurant to visit*
  • Restaurants are increasingly calling out food that is free of any additives; there were 1,491 references to “natural” on menus in Q3 2015*
  • 65% of consumers feel food that is described as GMO-free is healthy*
  • 19% of consumers surveyed said they’d be willing to pay up to 5% more for GMO-free foods, and 5% surveyed said they’d be willing to pay more than a 5% increase for GMO-free foods**
  • In the US, non-GMO callouts have increased by 71%; GMO-free is the fastest growing health claim on American menus this past year

As consumers continue to loudly voice their need for truth when it comes to their food, small tweaks to your offerings can mean big revenue boosts for your business. We encourage you to check out the latest issue of our industry zine, theSlice, for more insights on how meaningfully participate within the consumer-led, conscious eating movement. Also, be sure to visit here to learn more about our new verified non-GMO breads!


*Clean Labeling & Sustainability Report, Technomic Inc., January 2016
**Canadian Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report, 2014, Technomic Inc., 2014