5 Canadian restaurant trends to watch for in 2014

5 Canadian restaurant trends to watch for in 2014

Those of us in the Foodservice industry are always curious about what our customers want from their restaurant experience. We want to know the trends. When we spot a trend, as your foodservice partner, Canada Bread Foodservice likes to share our knowledge with you.  Take a look at the five Canadian restaurant trends recently identified by Technomic to find out what will be on the menus of “on trend” restaurants in 2014. 

  1. Feeling more heat from Latin America and Asia. Canadians want heat and they are inspired by the chilies of Latin America and Asia
  2. Sweet on sour. Sour is the new sweet and chefs are finding it from sources like sour fruits, pickles and fermented foods.
  3. Creative carbs. It’s no surprise to us that Canadians crave bread.  But other carbs are on the menu as well including French fries and noodles prepared in new an unexpected ways.
  4. What’s not in your food. Restaurants are taking out the ingredients Canadians don’t want in their food and them telling them about it.  These ingredients include gluten, sodium, calories, fat, steroids or GMOs.
  5. Kitchen craftsmanship. Beyond local and natural, consumers now also want “homemade”.  Chefs are responding by serving more artisanal and housemade foods and beverages.


Canada Bread loves to follow the trends and share our expertise with you.  If you also want to be “in the know”, visit our blog often and watch for regular restaurant trend updates from other reliable sources.

One trend we know a lot about is Tortillas.  To learn more about why your market loves them and what ingredients they are craving, check out the complete report filled with market stats and ideas to build your menu for success.

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